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Ryusuke Sano

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About ZOOM

About ZOOM

“ZOOM” (ZOOM, ZOOOM, ZOOOOOOM…..) is a concept created by Ryusuke Sano to bring possibilities to his art. It is the single most important element in understanding Sano’s art. Drawing materials from his experiences and memories accumulated in his mind, he spreads them on his canvas. To escape from being overloaded with information in today's world, Sano reinterprets the thing that piled up in him from his point of view. This is his visual experiment with contemporary art.

Sano creates his works between the process of “scrap and build.” He deviates from the traditional composition, ignoring the axis and center alignment, shaking up emotions, imagination, and cognition. Abstract and figurative, drawing and painting, coexisting on his canvas without regularity. Sometimes they lay in layers of colors, sometimes they break away from the subject, and sometimes they are erased into whiteness for abstraction. All these form the rich layers of Sano’s works. The complex elements in his works are purposefully arranged to be read from various angles, depending on the audience's perspective.

As a self-taught artist, Sano does not incline toward any particular style or technique. Instead, he breaks the harmony and balance to create serious tension. Choosing bold colors for the impact while keeping the soft tone and even leaving a sharp white space on his canvas. Each element stands independently but cohesive as a whole.

There are more layers in Sano’s works than a human eye can see. His works can be read in so many ways, as a whole, and in detail. This is what makes his works so compelling. They pull you in, and they absorb you in ZOOM. This is the confrontation Sano wants people to have in his contemporary art.