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Koichi Yairi

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About Exhibition: Three Hunters & The Golden Rock

About Exhibition: Three Hunters & The Golden Rock

Each of my solo exhibitions has its own story. All the artworks here are related as if they are from a storybook.

My solo exhibition in Hong Kong is inspired by the 'Five Monkeys and Bananas Experiment*.' It is about the importance of questioning the formality of traditions and seeing the nature of them. For this theme, I created a story called 'Three Hunters & The Golden Rock.'

The whole theme picks up from the Ghosts that traveled to the space from my previous exhibition. Now on their way home, the Ghosts found a picture book in the spaceship. They started reading the book, Three Hunters & The Golden Rock. It is about the chaos caused by a huge golden rock. The true cause of event got twisted and distorted through generations. The story is presented with the Ghosts acting in it. It is a tragedy of conforming the meaningless traditions without questioning.

Please enjoy the exhibition.

* Five Monkeys and Bananas Experiment was conducted with the scientist punishing all the monkeys by spraying water whenever a monkey reaches for the bananas. Later, a new monkey was introduced, the old monkeys would attack it for reaching for the bananas, even though the punishment was lifted.